This game was programmed for the Ludum Dare 32. Unfortunately I couldn't finish like I intended to do. The goal of this prototype is to destroy all the rocket towers with the help of the four elements. Fire attacks an enemy in a short range, Water blocks bullets, Wind blows enemies in a short range away, Earth lets rocks fall from heaven and makes damage to all enemies on the screen (Wind hasn't been implemented in this version yet). At first I intended to implement walking enemies aswell but I ran out of time.

You have to click on the game, before you can start the game. If the player doesn't move when the game is started, reload the page and wait a little bit longer. It needs sometimes a little bit longer to load all the sounds.

- WAD for walking/jumping
- Left mouse click for performing action of mode (protection / attack)
- 1-4 for switching Modes (1: Fire, 2: Water, 3:Wind, 4: Earth)

Used tools

Dart, vim, sfxr, gimp, hydrogen

Have fun